How to use fireworks safely?

Using fireworks requires precautions: 

  • Do not let children to play or light pyrotechnic items since it may cause serious injuries;

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions about lighting and launching fireworks and carefully follow it;

  • Launch fireworks away from buildings, vehicles, trees and crowded places since it may cause injuries or set on fire;

  • Always light fireworks on a hard and flat surface in order to ensure stability;

  • Keep safe distance from persons when they launch fireworks;

  • Never point or throw fireworks at other people;

  • Do not attempt to relight or fix not working (unexploded) pyrotechnics and avoid being close to it;

  • Do not use pyrotechnics for exploding other things, for example, bottles etc.;

  • Do not try making homemade fireworks since it has never been tested and it is hard to predict where shatters may spread. 


Injuries occurring due to careless and negligent use of pyrotechnics can be very dangerous and difficult to treat. 

According to the studies carried out in the United States of America, approx. 40 % injuries are related to head area, i.e. eyes, ears and face. Therefore, it is advised to wear safety goggles. Hand and finger injuries compose another 40 %. Most frequently, these injuries are burns. 

Fireworks result in injuries for 74 % men and 26 % women. In many cases, men got injured during the launching of fireworks and women got injured while watching it.  

Restrictions applied for using pyrotechnics:  

  • It is forbidden to use pyrotechnics closer than 30 m from schools, nursery-schools, health care and rehabilitation institutions;

  • Never bring pyrotechnics at schools since it is strictly forbidden;

  • Never use pyrotechnics from 22:00 to 8:00 (except for public holidays and mass gatherings, which possess permission for such use);

  • It is forbidden to use pyrotechnics for persons whose age is under 14, while certain categories of fireworks are forbidden to be sold and used by persons under 18 years of age;

  • It is forbidden to use and sell civil pyrotechnics for persons who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances;

  • Maximum permissible amount of the pyrotechnic compound reaches 10 kg, but not more than 50 kg of fireworks in the shopping centres. This regulation shall not be applied to specialized shops. Temporary market stands/shops shall follow other limitations: 6 kg and 30 kg respectively. 

In case pyrotechnic item does not work: 

  • Do not come close to it for at least 5 minutes or according to the time indicated in the instruction;

  • Do not try to disassemble or ignite the item again;

  • After using fireworks, soak it into the water, then put into a bag and throw into a trash bin.



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