How to behave in the event of fire?

Fire may be caused even by a minor negligence. Here’s a real example: when cigarette butt burns sofa or armchair, after 3 minutes room fills with toxic smokes. Consequently, people lose consciousness and suffocate in the room. Fire spreads fast - after 10-15 minutes all room is on fire.

No time for delay! It is important to think of further steps in case of fire in advance: how to behave, how to extinguish, how to get out of premises (evacuation), how and who should be informed about fire?

If your flat is on fire:

  • Call emergency number 112;
  • Shut off gas valves, turn off electricity (shut off electrical power);
  • Do not focus on saving your property - think of saving lives;
  • Leave your flat immediately;
  • Close the door;
  • Do not use lift – descend stairs;
  • Meet arriving firefighters.

If premises are full of smoke:

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a wet cloth;
  • Close the door where the fire occurs very carefully by covering up door bottom part;
  • Move by leaning or crawling;
  • If you cannot get into stairwell, open window or go to the balcony and cry for help;

If neighbour flat is on fire:

  • Call emergency number 112;
  • If smoke spread into stairwell – stay at your flat;
  • Cover door and ventilation openings with wet cloths;
  • Come to the window or go to the balcony so that arriving firefighters clearly see you.

If clothes are on fire:

  • Fall down to the ground and roll around so that fire would stop;
  • Cover your face with hands;
  • If another person is on fire, you should tumble him down;
  • Fire may be suppressed by using things around you (destination of movements: from top of the body to the bottom, i.e. from head to foot);
  • Burnt areas should be cooled by water or snow (for 15 minutes) as well as by covered with a towel;
  • Call emergency number 112.

If TV or another electronic device is on fire:

  • Pull out the plug or turn off electricity;
  • Throw a cloth (thick texture, natural fabric) on electronic device;
  • Use fire-extinguisher;
  • If you cannot handle to extinguish fire on your own and it the fire spread, leave the premises immediately;
  • When leaving, close the doors tightly;
  • Call 112 and inform your neighbours.

If grease or oil are on fire:

  • Cover the utensil with a lid;
  • Turn off the stove;
  • Hot grease/oil cannot be extinguished with water.

If car is on fire:

  • Shutdown the engine;
  • Open the engine bonnet a little and use fire-extinguisher.

Discuss evacuation with your family:

  • Talk about the way of behaving if fire or smoke intercept your exit (consider other possible exits: window or going to the balcony);
  • Agree on meeting place outside. In this case you will know whether all have left the burning building.

If you are in public place:

  • Remember that emergency exits are marked in green in public places;
  • There are at least two emergency exits at schools, shops, cinemas, restaurants, hotels or other public places, so be attentive and memorize them.

Important notice - acquire smoke detector:

  • Wakes you up in the event of the start of fire;
  • Install it on the ceiling of hallway, bedroom, attic;
  • Follow the instructions for maintaining the detector and change the battery every year.
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