How to behave in order to avoid dry grass fires?

Most grass fires start because of the burning of last year's grass. Every year, firefighters go for 2500 times to extinguish grass fires, while the number of fires in open areas comprise 45 % of all fires. In addition, fire from the burning grass often spreads into the woods, peat bogs, inhabitants’ estates, detached buildings and people perish in the burning meadows almost every year.

Grass fires frequently occur due to careless children and teenagers, thus parents and teachers should warn them about the damage these fires can cause. Parents are responsible and will be punished for the crimes of their minor children. Note that citizens can be fined from EUR 50 to EUR 300 and officials from EUR 120 to EUR 350 for burning grass. It is also necessary to compensate the damage to nature, which sometimes may reach several thousand Euros.

Actions to take in the event of burning grass:

Be responsive and do not wait until the flames spread widely – if possible, try to extinguish the fire on your own;On a small area, you can extinguish burning grass by forcing down the flame with tree branches;You can also extinguish such fire with water or sand;Small grooves can be dug round the places that are on fire so that the flames cannot spread and cause more damage;If you see that you cannot put out with fire, call 112 immediately.


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