How to behave during mass events?

  • When going to mass events taking place in arenas, stadiums etc., primarily get acquainted with inner regulations and look round to know where emergency exits are located;
  • It is not recommended and/or forbidden to take weapons, sharp things, liquids, umbrellas, sticks, handbags or backpacks. If you notice suspicious items left without supervision – immediately inform police officer or security guard;
  • It is advised not to tie a tie, scarf or shawl as well as not to wear high heels;
  • Avoid standing in close distance from the scene or playing-field, since in a case of fire, riot or fight these places are most complicated to leave;
  • It might be dangerous being close to police officers or guards, since aggressive crowd might express their anger on representatives of various services;
  • Avoid being close to people who are drunk, under the influence of drugs or other suspicious persons who behave in unusual manner since it may be difficult to prognosticate their actions;
  • If possible, try to keep away from glass partitions, stands, walls or partitions since in case of a hustle you may be squeezed or traumatized;
  • It is not recommended to go against the crowd. However, if you are in the crowd, avoid getting into its centre;
  • While being in the crowd, do not try to cling to random items on the way;
  • Bear in mind that it is more likely to be squeezed than fall in you are in the crowd;
  • If you are in a moving crowd, keep your bent arms at your chest (square your elbows) – it may help to facilitate breathing and prevent from squeeze.


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