How to barbecue safely?

  • Consider choosing a safe and suitable location. Do not barbecue in the balcony because spark may cause fire in the balcony or even the in the house. It is forbidden to place and put barbecue grilling stoves or other barbecue devices closer than 6 metres to the building. You should also avoid close distance to fences, trees, bushes and flammable materials;

  • Barbecue device should be put on non-flammable surface. Avoid dry grass for putting the barbecue device;

  • Before starting a barbecue, spread the sparks evenly and have some water nearby to pour on the flames;

  • Keep an eye on children and pets (animals) in order to avoid them being close to barbecue device;

  • Barbecue should be lighted downwind side so that the wind would blow from you;

  • When barbecue is over, do not leave a barbecue device without supervision. Make sure that there is no smoldering coals or sparks which may be lighted by the wind;

  • When the barbecue is over, ashes should be put into a metal container;

  • Finally, place your barbecue device into a safe and convenient location.


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